King and Queen (Dolor y caos)

King of pain,
queen of chaos,
they come to rule
our new realm,
con un halo de fuego,
con sus manos de acero.

Marcan en nuestra frente
el signo de la crueldad.
They invade towns,
and our days end in nightmares
and begin in alarm.

Rey del dolor
inflicted against all.
Reina del caos,
she has torn up our homes.
Now, violence and flames
consume them all.

Los límites de la tristeza
are currently found
in the endless mass graveyard
que solía ser nuestro hogar.

King of pain,
queen of chaos,
they enjoy to separate,
dejar familias rotas,
fathers, sons, daughters,
marido y mujer.

Nos mandan a huir,
to seek for hiding places,
but we will not dissapear
porque no les obedecemos.